Our Current Products and What They Can Do For You

Here at Haas Classics, we carry a variety of classic car parts. We separate our parts first by car makes, and models, and then into related categories. Since we know that not every car lover is experienced and full of knowledge about car parts, we thought we’d make a guide to our vintage car part categories.

Under each of the category titles, there are short descriptions and examples of what types of parts can be found there. Hopefully, this guide helps simplify your search for vintage car parts.


Any cable you may need will be housed under this category, as well as things related, like springs. Right now, we have emergency brake and parking brake cables, convertible top hatch cables, and brake retainer springs.

As you might guess by the name, emergency brakes allow your vehicle to stop in an emergency if it’s normal brakes fail. Convertible top hatch cables aid in the opening and closing of the convertible top. Lastly, brake springs apply pressure to the brake shoes allowing a vehicle to slow and stop.


In this category, you’ll find everything related to heating and cooling system parts for classic Mercedes. For example, we have transmission radiators for manual and automatic Mercedes.

Radiators are a part of the heating system. Radiators work by moving hot coolant through the fan. Radiators help regulate the temperatures in the cabin, which is especially important in extreme temperatures.

Fuel System

Just like the cooling category containing everything related to cooling and heating, and like the name suggests, the fuel system category contains everything related to fuel systems. This category includes vintage car parts for both Mercedes Benz and Porche.

Currently, we have multiple fuel gauge senders. Fuel gauge senders are responsible for signaling the fuel level gauge, which lets us know how full the gas tank is.

Chrome Parts

The chrome parts category includes any chrome hardware. This category currently houses chrome wiper nuts and hardware, which are an ample part of holding together and the proper functioning of windshield wipers.

Windshield Wipers

As the category’s name would imply, this is where you’ll find all things windshield wiper related, including each part of the windshield wiper, the blades, arms, and hardware.


In this category, you’ll find everything related to the suspension system of vintage Mercedez Benz. The suspension system includes the tires, springs, shocks, and struts, and connects the vehicle to the wheels. The suspension system helps protect the vehicle and its passengers from any wear and tear of the road by stabilizing the vehicle.

Some of the vintage Mercedes replacement parts we currently offer are control arm bushings and trailing arm bushings. Trailing arm bushings and control arm bushings absorb vibrations, shocks, and noise while driving to make it feel as smooth as possible.

Body parts

Anything regarding the body parts for classic Mercedes can be found under the body parts category. Currently, we have door checks available. A door check keeps the door from opening too far and holds it in an open position.

Engine parts

If you’re looking for anything engine related, this is the category you’re looking for. Here, you’ll find things like idle control valves, rear crank position senders, hydraulic rocker arm ball studs, and other vintage car parts related to the engine as we get them.

Idle control valves regulate the speed at which an engine idles. Rear crank position senders are used to monitor the position and speed of the crankshaft. Hydraulic rocker arm ball studs act as a teeter-totter to lift and lower, they change the direction of the lifters and pushrods, which are required to open the valves.


Any electrical vintage car parts we have available will be found here. This category includes things like hazard flasher warning relays, door contact switches, blower motors, etc.

Hazard lights are imperative when an emergency strikes. Most often, the same relay that runs the hazards also runs the turn signals, which are important as well. Door contact switches register when the doors are open and also signal to the alarm system when they are open. The purpose of a blower motor is to push air through a car’s HVAC system and vents. It helps keep the cabin comfortable during warmer and cooler temperatures.

Hopefully, this guide helped breakdown our product categories to make your search for vintage car parts a bit easier.

Click one of these links if you’re looking for one of some of these vintage Mercedes Benz replacement parts or Porsche parts, or if you know someone who is. Keep in mind that our inventory changes as we gain and sell items, so check with us often to see what we have available.