Our Current Products and What They Can Do For You

Here at Haas Classics, we carry a variety of classic car parts. We separate our parts first by car makes, and models, and then into related categories. Since we know that not every car lover is experienced and full of knowledge about car parts, we thought we’d make a guide to our vintage car part […]

Restoring and Maintaining Classic Mercedes Benz

Tackling car restoration is a big commitment. Add in maintaining the history and beauty of a classic such as a Mercedes Benz and it can seem a bit overwhelming or challenging. This guide will help you before and during the restoration process. Figure out why you want to take on car restoration and what type […]

New Products Coming Soon

New radiator for Mercedes Benz W113 280SL and 280 manual shift Mercedes Benz W113 washer nozzle Mercedes Benz W 113 6-piece hardware kit for wiper arm mount Mercedes Benz R107 door check strap